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Lino Duilio was born in 1951 in Centola, a small town near Salerno. Since 1971 he has been living in Milan. Married, with one son.

He graduated in Economics with full marks at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and is an expert in Political Economics and Sociology of Work.

For fifteen years he was Director of the Centro Sociale Ambrosiano (C.S.A) in Milan, an educational centre aiming at promoting the citizens’ social and political involvement in the area of the diocese of Milan.

He cooperates with different magazines and newspapers as a freelance journalist and is still editor of the Magazine “Popolarea”.

From 1990 to 1993 he was in charge of the Research Office of CISL Lombardia (CISL is one of the main Italian Trade Unions).

Since 1993 he has been an executive at the National Institute for Occupational Accidents (INAIL) (Istituto Nazionale degli Infortuni sul Lavoro).

In 1993 he became a member of Partito Popolare (PPI – Italian People’s Party). He was elected leader of the PPI for the Milan district and from 1994 to 1996 of the PPI Lombardia.

In 1996 and in 2001 Lino Duilio ran successfully for elections to the Chamber of Deputies and was appointed member of the Public and Private Employment Committee.
In the General Elections of 9 April 2006, Lino Duilio was re-elected to the Chamber of Deputies and on 6 June 2006 he was appointed Chairperson of Budget Committee.

In the General Elections of 14 April 2008, Lino Duilio was re-elected to the Chamber of Deputies.

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